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An Annotated Bibliography
The Fourth Turning Website is a must for anyone who wishes to become familiar with the Strauss-Howe thesis. It is their website and is based on their book of the same name. They present a compelling theory with modern, contemporary, and future implications.

Wm. Murray's TIME Page is simply the best overall treatment of time-based phenomena like generations. Bill has put a lot of historical links into this densely woven tapestry of Time.

Times of Our Lives is a less coherent, but nevertheless rich source of information and theory about the whole scheme of time-based social phenomena.

Wikipedia has a nice, succinct article on the Silent Generation.

Frank Kaiser's website is a good example of a genre of websites that give meaning and depth to the experience of being a member of the Silent Generation.

This article from the Washington Post is sadly interesting: Boomers Killing Themselves

There are several organizations using generation studies for sectarian and/or political purposes. I have deliberately not given them recognition here. Obviously, generations contain people of all stripes and spots, not just fundamentalists and neo-conservatives. These voices are predicted in the theory, by the way. They are welcome to use the language, but readers should not confuse these voices with a dispassionate pursuit of the truth.

Then there is fiction. Richard Sharp wrote me mid-summer 2012 and said he'd written a novel about Silent Generation folk. I have not yet read it, but am looking forward to seeing what stamp Mr. Sharp puts on his Silent characters.